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4 Week Masterclass:

"Allegiance Accelerator"

4 Week "Black Diamond" Access to Dr. Jeff Spencer to master the 4 Pillars of Allegiance Capital to accelerate your health, wealth and happiness. 


  • Week 1: Mastering The Champions Mind
  • Week 2: Productivity Preeminence
  • Week 3: Relationship Resonance
  • Week 4: "Affirminator" Affinity 
  • Bonus: Replays and Private Cornerman Roundtable

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"Jeff brings clarity, stability and wisdome to the life of a CEO, a world that can be in confusion, motion and change. He is a trusted voice who has helped develop my personal strengths and to show up as a winner."


- Dave Asprey, Founder, Bulletproof Coffee

"Jeff's ability to find the smoothest, fastest, least uncertain path forward in complexity is unreal. It's not an accident that his clients repeatedly achieve the extraordinary. If you're serious about getting to the top of your practice and staying there, you need Dr. Jeff Spencer as your cornerman."


- Chris Voss, FBI Negotiator, Author of Never Split The Difference


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